Sunday, December 19, 2010

Yea Or Neigh

It has been more than a year since the band Oasis has broken up well broke up as in Noel left and Liam form another band with the same name. As you all know Oasis produces music that is heavily influence by The Beatles. The band comprises of two notable figures, which are the Gallagher brothers who aren't very brotherly. Liam and Noel both are very opinionated and they bicker all the time which led to the break up. So it isn't a surprise when they called it quits.

But I always thought it won't be permanent, you know. Because they seem like the type who would argue and say that'll leave the band but after few weeks or months, they would return back. But hey what to do.

I just read in the newspaper today, about hits that never made to album. And of the songs was Acquiesce by Oasis. It is definitely a song that can sum up the aura of Oasis. The starting of it already gives you the impression of rock and roll and sends you back to a gig or a pub where you song is playing. It is definitely a great track. Both Liam and Noel show their unique vocals and they fit perfectly. I have never been a Oasis follower, I do enjoy their musics and it's too bad that they've gone their separate ways.

Maybe they would've stayed if both lowered their ego. Pshh men and egos.

Well till then, Fin.

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