Thursday, December 9, 2010

Presenting Our Blog Authors YAW, FIN, ROLL and PITCH!

Hey this is Yaw,

We have a new blog with four amazing authors of human beings not sharks but our articles will bite like a shark...great white sharks. Here's the authors background so you can have a sneak peek into what our shark bowl offers ;)

I'm Sharanya a.k.a Yaw,
I love television thus stupid shows piss me off but i cant help but watching it ... just an addict. So if you wish for any updates or simple bitching on TV shows that's what i will be offering here at Shark in a Bowl. I will also be giving constant updates on the football scene as well and try my best not to be bias but don't count on it.

There's Lina a.k.a Fin,
She likes to talk about music and MUSE a lot. And she blabs.. A LOT. So prepare for long posts from her but don't run at the sight of it because she says a lot of great things! And you shall learn great things from her young padawan.

Theres Alliya a.k.a Pitch,
She's obsessed with girls, especially pretty girls. Don't worry, she's not a lesbian she just appreciates beauty. She'll be keeping you up with the latest and vogue trends on the runway as well as new makeup looks that she adores! So talk to her she'll talk back and next thing you know BAM you got all the tips you need to reel in a catch.

And last but not least, Qamarina a.k.a QM a.k.a Ribena a.k.a Roll,
Call her whatever you want, but don't call her baby! We prefer to call her Roll like limp bizkit Rollin' song. She'll be talking about stuffs that matter unlike the rest of us. She will touch your emotions with current issues in Sudan. No just kidding about Sudan, maybe she will maybe she won't. You have to read to find out.

So keep tuning in for them posts from the sharks from Shark in a Bowl! :)

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