Friday, December 17, 2010


I hate cockroaches. I mean, who doesn't?! They really look like aliens from out of space, don't you agree?

Horrible places to encounter with cockroaches:

1. Toilet - OMG, nothing beats that :\ Especially when they pop out from the holes and the door is locked and you're screaming for dear life...and the cockroach is just still, looking at you :|

2. Study Table - Imagine you're sitting down now, looking at your computer screen and all of a sudden...something moves.

3. Restaurant - I'll just lose my appetite if I see a cockroach crawling around on the floor of the restaurant. Like what if it had touched my food. Gahhhh, ewwww :\

4. Bed - You're lying down on your bed and you get 'tickled' at your legs or your neck D: And you turn to smack only to realize "HOLYSHOOT, it's a freaking cockroach!!" Trust me, you won't treat your bed the same way ever again.

I think it's THE worst scenario when the cockroaches can fly, like literally FLY. Goddamnit, crawling is fine, at least I can whack you but why flying?! It's like waiting for an atomic bomb to fall off the sky and start World War 3. Cockroaches are creepy, they are just make my hairs stand.

Cockroaches should be extinct from this planet Earth. I'm getting up to an average of 3 meetings of cockroaches each week :\ I think they build their houses under my house - how creepily nice. I guess that's all for now...I really can't talk long on something that really freaks me out!

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