Sunday, December 12, 2010

Suicide Is Not The Answer

Hey, Roll here! It took me a while to post since I couldn't think of anything to write. You know, something matter-of-fact. But then, I came across this photo - and I thought, okay, why not talk about this?

Yes. Suicide. People committing suicide, not teddy bears. Suicide has been following men since ancient Rome. Back then, in Rome, it was thought to be a courageous act of love to your family if done to avoid disgrace or financial ruin. As time passes into a modern world, it is now an act of cowardice, a short cut for men to 'escape' when they can no longer face the world.

People commit suicide for many different reasons but all under the same emotions: depression, loneliness, sadness and hopeless. Just a few days ago, a newspaper reported 'Mum Ignores Child's Plea and Commit Suicide'. The mum brought her child to an unknown flat and straight to the highest floor. After a while, residents begin to hear the child screaming hysterically, they thought the mum wanted to bring the child with her and commit suicide. Turns out, the child was screaming and pleading for his mum not to jump. A resident came by the child and pleaded together but their pleas were ignored. The mum jumped down from the floor. It was rumoured she was under depression. Though, right now, I bet on everyone's mind is how is the child coping? I hope the child is strong enough to endure this difficult phase.

I believe all religions and beliefs state that suicide is not an option and it is not an answer. A few may fight and say it is a right for people to take their own lives. Really? By consuming poison, cutting your wrists, jumping off the highest floor - FORCING yourself to die because you feel that you can't cope with the difficulty you're facing with.

Think about it, there are those poor, hungry kids in Africa and their mums work endlessly just enough to feed them with a spoonful of rice. They don't have those comfortable chairs you're sitting on and reading this post, they don't have 3 meals a day, along with a supper that we have everyday, they don't even have a flush-down toilet...and look around you, you have everything. We don't hear news of them committing suicide because they want to live. The chances of them living the life of what we most have are slim so instead of whining and suiciding, they rather fight on and live on.

Some may reason that "I have everything but the ones I love don't love me back". To those who feel this way, listen here. Have some faith, not everyone you love is going to leave you. There are people out there who cares for you and all you know, the people that you should really care and love are standing right in front you. God won't let you be in a situation where there is no way out. Yes, it's bloody hard, you feel that the world is coming to an end - but look, the world won't stop spinning for you, time won't pause for you; so the only thing you can do is STAND UP and FIGHT IT. Don't back down by ending your life, don't end your life in such a sad, miserable way.

If you feel depress or lonely, you have to make yourself happy first. Get a box of chocolate, paint your face in bright colours, turn on a funky, happy song and start singing & dancing all by yourself in your room. When you are all better, call over some friends and just hang out and talk. Or watch a movie together. You'll be surprise at how happy you can be when YOU are happy and BEING happy with the people you love.

Suicide is not the way out. The world is so big with so many possibilities - yes, there are bad things but I believe, there are more good than bad. You're living right now, that's a thing that you should be really thankful about. A week ago, a friend's friend of mine died of leukemia - he was just 18 years old and many of his friends thought he would make it. There are so many children suffering from cancer but they are brave enough to fight it, go bald and still keep that smile on their faces.

If they can fight for their lives when their chances of survival is as thin as a sheet of paper, you should fight ten times as strong when you have everything.

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