Monday, December 13, 2010

Fairytale Romances Anyone?

Hey Sharkies,

Okay everyone has to admit that just the thought of the word fairytale brings the tinkling sounds to your ears. I personally just light up when the word comes out (I guess it is the little girl in me) which i'm sure half the female population does as well. So what exactly is a fairytale? The first thing that probably comes to mind is the Disney classics like Snow White, Cinderella, and etc but thesedays a fairytale is often reffered to as a fairytale romance and these two words are what every girl, women, or even grandma's have in their minds and want to achieve.

What most males reading this might think is "thanks a lot now i have to go dress up in a shiny armour and save my girl" but i must say we females have not gotten a whole lot realistic but we don't expect that much anymore and if you did do it I'm telling you now don't do it in a public place because you may get dumped. So what the hell do women want? Brace yourselves because i've done some research and combined all my Oprah watching information to pass on over here.

* Chivalry, the little things do count trust me, trust Oprah, trust Millionaire Matchmaker. Apparently females would like to believe that chivalry isn't dead as much as most say otherwise. So men you may think its just a stupid door, or its just a stupid chair or even its just a little chilly well they don't care! Just do it.

* Write a song and serenade her. This could be thanks to the dawn of Taylor Swift and indie bands that dedicate songs to women. So this is a great and cheap way especially if you can do it then why not right?...

* So if you are not so musically talented but ace all you english essay's and test or if you take english literature here goes it write your women a letter man! Or even a poem if you have it in you and post it to her through snail mail . This method is supposed to impress any girl unless ofc your with a cold heartless one then i just pass on my sorry's for you.

* Here's another trend go run around in the rain with your loved one. As a matter of fact i just saw a couple do that right in front of my house the other day. As much as i thought it was stupid the girl seemed extremely happy so you could give it a go. Plus how many time has Taylor Swift talked about being in the rain with her guy'S.

Thats pretty much all i have for now. I hold no responsibilty if it doesn't work but if it does do let me know I'll share my happiness for you :D!

Signing off,

Yaw a.k.a. sharanya


  1. Hey god knows how many people i've helped hahaha next time just ask your future bf to read it :D