Monday, December 27, 2010

Where Do Dreams Go?

Dreams. Fantasy. Fiction. Fairytale.
People admit it loudly that they're grown ups now,
no longer little kids.
But the truth is, we all start to live in our wonderland
the moment we lie in bed to sleep.

Roll here. I just watched Narnia(finally) and honestly, I like Narnia more than Harry Potter. I read all the books from both and watched all the movies, but I guess different people have different way of liking things. Sometimes I hate watching Narnia, because at the end of it, I get kinda depressed because my world isn't like that.

Crazy, huh? But it's true. I guess we all get caught up with what we want at times. I wonder how C.S. Lewis felt when he wrote the books.

Won't it be so cool if all your dreams, the wonderland that you built in your mind would become a reality? Some of you dream of studying at Hogwarts, what if that came true and you get to meet Harry Potter - not Daniel Radcliffe...the REAL Harry Potter. Wonder how your life will be. Some people actually got admitted and needed therapy sessions after watching Avatar because they got so depressed that their worlds are not like in the movie. Guess I could fit in with them :|

I'm not sure if anyone of you thought of this before - but I'm pretty sure it passed through your mind once in a while. Have you ever wondered if there's another world living out there? Like a different dimension. Similar to us but maybe, slightly different. Maybe those people in that dimension have magic, maybe they're super short, maybe they have 3 eyes...maybe they have a talking lion!

I spent countless time thinking of that, going beyond what science would label my thoughts and dreams as "nonsense". Reality is nice because I'm alive and breathing. But currently, the world that I'm living in is limited to what I see to only. If I was living in Africa, I don't think reality would be nice for me and I certainly won't have the opportunity to blog about this. Since the world is so big and I can't cover every single angle of it, I tend to wonder off in my head, building my dreamland, as though I'm actually living in it.

Of course I pray and hope that whatever I made up in my head and dreams would come true never does and that's a fact that I have to accept. That we all have to accept.

But that shouldn't stop us from dreaming.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Yea Or Neigh

It has been more than a year since the band Oasis has broken up well broke up as in Noel left and Liam form another band with the same name. As you all know Oasis produces music that is heavily influence by The Beatles. The band comprises of two notable figures, which are the Gallagher brothers who aren't very brotherly. Liam and Noel both are very opinionated and they bicker all the time which led to the break up. So it isn't a surprise when they called it quits.

But I always thought it won't be permanent, you know. Because they seem like the type who would argue and say that'll leave the band but after few weeks or months, they would return back. But hey what to do.

I just read in the newspaper today, about hits that never made to album. And of the songs was Acquiesce by Oasis. It is definitely a song that can sum up the aura of Oasis. The starting of it already gives you the impression of rock and roll and sends you back to a gig or a pub where you song is playing. It is definitely a great track. Both Liam and Noel show their unique vocals and they fit perfectly. I have never been a Oasis follower, I do enjoy their musics and it's too bad that they've gone their separate ways.

Maybe they would've stayed if both lowered their ego. Pshh men and egos.

Well till then, Fin.

Look Alikes

Have you ever wondered if you have a look alike somewhere in this world? I have, yet unlike some of the more luckier people i havent spotted my look alike. Well there is a theory that you have at least 8 people who look like you around the world and all these pictures of celebrity look alikes just prove how small the world is and that this theory may well be on its way to reality. To be frank then and again maybe it could be put as god created many diffrerent cookie cutters but he had to reuse them when the inflation hit up there. So here are some famous celeb look alikes enjoy! :)

These two look so alike its honestly scary but I guess since they both look
beautiful its not much of a problem. Though if this isn't prove Hollywood is a small place
I don't know what is!

Even their names start with the same letter!

I suppose this is a lesser stark resemblance between Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox
but even you have to admit the resemblance is still there.

Matthew Rhys and Julian McMahon both stars of hit TV shows

Well I guess now we know who Jessica Szohr from Gossip Girl is going to look like,
Teresa Guidice from Real Housewives of New Jersey.
I guess AAR frontman Tyson Ritter has to keep putting on the body glitter just so
people can differentiate him from Cillian Murphy from "Red Eyes".
Agyness Deyn are you sure you don't share the same parents with Samantha Ronson?

Ok well thats all i have now. So the next time you go travelling or even while you're walking down a street to forget to keep an eye out for your look alikes. It probably wouldn't do anything great but i bet it would make your day if not a good one a whimsical one for sure.
Signing out,
Yaw a.k.a Sharanya

Friday, December 17, 2010


I hate cockroaches. I mean, who doesn't?! They really look like aliens from out of space, don't you agree?

Horrible places to encounter with cockroaches:

1. Toilet - OMG, nothing beats that :\ Especially when they pop out from the holes and the door is locked and you're screaming for dear life...and the cockroach is just still, looking at you :|

2. Study Table - Imagine you're sitting down now, looking at your computer screen and all of a sudden...something moves.

3. Restaurant - I'll just lose my appetite if I see a cockroach crawling around on the floor of the restaurant. Like what if it had touched my food. Gahhhh, ewwww :\

4. Bed - You're lying down on your bed and you get 'tickled' at your legs or your neck D: And you turn to smack only to realize "HOLYSHOOT, it's a freaking cockroach!!" Trust me, you won't treat your bed the same way ever again.

I think it's THE worst scenario when the cockroaches can fly, like literally FLY. Goddamnit, crawling is fine, at least I can whack you but why flying?! It's like waiting for an atomic bomb to fall off the sky and start World War 3. Cockroaches are creepy, they are just make my hairs stand.

Cockroaches should be extinct from this planet Earth. I'm getting up to an average of 3 meetings of cockroaches each week :\ I think they build their houses under my house - how creepily nice. I guess that's all for now...I really can't talk long on something that really freaks me out!

I shall RANT

I'm trying to think of a topic to post today. Since I whine a lot, why not whine here? After all, blog is the place to post your thoughts and feelings, so I shall rant.

One of the many things that bugs me, is the radio here. Radio such as Hitz, Fly and yes I am name dropping >:[ What do all of these radio stations have in common? Sucky music. I know sucky isn't a word but it describes the situation perfectly.

I have a lot of of problems with these stations. First and foremost is the selection of songs, which is about the size of a pea. You would not believe how much songs are being overplayed! They even sound the same. All auto-tuned, repetitive beats. To most it is catchy, and I must confess, I got hooked to some of them. But please, adding some spice to the mixture wouldn't be so bad. And you would not believe how many stations plays the same song AT THE SAME TIME. Wow what a way to be unique heh?

Second, would be the DJs, I hate the DJs. I don't get the people they hire. Radio is suppose to be soothing to the ears. Not some DJ screaming at you ears with unfunny jokes and gimmicks. Have I mention the voice and slangs they use. Speak properly! Don't try to have a cool american accent or use the hippest word that only you understand. Especially this DJ named Rudy, when he was in Mix, he practically slurred the words together. It's like his mouth is numb. It's not that I hate him as a person (do I?) It's just, he annoys me when he talks.

Last but not least, the ads. * Groans* Not only do I have to suffer with those songs and DJs then I'm subjected to heaps of adverts. Adverts which has annoying voices too.

Well kids, whats the lesson that I've learnt?

Bring your iPod or burn a mix CD. Just switch off the radio.

Till I write again, Fin.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Fairytale Romances Anyone?

Hey Sharkies,

Okay everyone has to admit that just the thought of the word fairytale brings the tinkling sounds to your ears. I personally just light up when the word comes out (I guess it is the little girl in me) which i'm sure half the female population does as well. So what exactly is a fairytale? The first thing that probably comes to mind is the Disney classics like Snow White, Cinderella, and etc but thesedays a fairytale is often reffered to as a fairytale romance and these two words are what every girl, women, or even grandma's have in their minds and want to achieve.

What most males reading this might think is "thanks a lot now i have to go dress up in a shiny armour and save my girl" but i must say we females have not gotten a whole lot realistic but we don't expect that much anymore and if you did do it I'm telling you now don't do it in a public place because you may get dumped. So what the hell do women want? Brace yourselves because i've done some research and combined all my Oprah watching information to pass on over here.

* Chivalry, the little things do count trust me, trust Oprah, trust Millionaire Matchmaker. Apparently females would like to believe that chivalry isn't dead as much as most say otherwise. So men you may think its just a stupid door, or its just a stupid chair or even its just a little chilly well they don't care! Just do it.

* Write a song and serenade her. This could be thanks to the dawn of Taylor Swift and indie bands that dedicate songs to women. So this is a great and cheap way especially if you can do it then why not right?...

* So if you are not so musically talented but ace all you english essay's and test or if you take english literature here goes it write your women a letter man! Or even a poem if you have it in you and post it to her through snail mail . This method is supposed to impress any girl unless ofc your with a cold heartless one then i just pass on my sorry's for you.

* Here's another trend go run around in the rain with your loved one. As a matter of fact i just saw a couple do that right in front of my house the other day. As much as i thought it was stupid the girl seemed extremely happy so you could give it a go. Plus how many time has Taylor Swift talked about being in the rain with her guy'S.

Thats pretty much all i have for now. I hold no responsibilty if it doesn't work but if it does do let me know I'll share my happiness for you :D!

Signing off,

Yaw a.k.a. sharanya

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Suicide Is Not The Answer

Hey, Roll here! It took me a while to post since I couldn't think of anything to write. You know, something matter-of-fact. But then, I came across this photo - and I thought, okay, why not talk about this?

Yes. Suicide. People committing suicide, not teddy bears. Suicide has been following men since ancient Rome. Back then, in Rome, it was thought to be a courageous act of love to your family if done to avoid disgrace or financial ruin. As time passes into a modern world, it is now an act of cowardice, a short cut for men to 'escape' when they can no longer face the world.

People commit suicide for many different reasons but all under the same emotions: depression, loneliness, sadness and hopeless. Just a few days ago, a newspaper reported 'Mum Ignores Child's Plea and Commit Suicide'. The mum brought her child to an unknown flat and straight to the highest floor. After a while, residents begin to hear the child screaming hysterically, they thought the mum wanted to bring the child with her and commit suicide. Turns out, the child was screaming and pleading for his mum not to jump. A resident came by the child and pleaded together but their pleas were ignored. The mum jumped down from the floor. It was rumoured she was under depression. Though, right now, I bet on everyone's mind is how is the child coping? I hope the child is strong enough to endure this difficult phase.

I believe all religions and beliefs state that suicide is not an option and it is not an answer. A few may fight and say it is a right for people to take their own lives. Really? By consuming poison, cutting your wrists, jumping off the highest floor - FORCING yourself to die because you feel that you can't cope with the difficulty you're facing with.

Think about it, there are those poor, hungry kids in Africa and their mums work endlessly just enough to feed them with a spoonful of rice. They don't have those comfortable chairs you're sitting on and reading this post, they don't have 3 meals a day, along with a supper that we have everyday, they don't even have a flush-down toilet...and look around you, you have everything. We don't hear news of them committing suicide because they want to live. The chances of them living the life of what we most have are slim so instead of whining and suiciding, they rather fight on and live on.

Some may reason that "I have everything but the ones I love don't love me back". To those who feel this way, listen here. Have some faith, not everyone you love is going to leave you. There are people out there who cares for you and all you know, the people that you should really care and love are standing right in front you. God won't let you be in a situation where there is no way out. Yes, it's bloody hard, you feel that the world is coming to an end - but look, the world won't stop spinning for you, time won't pause for you; so the only thing you can do is STAND UP and FIGHT IT. Don't back down by ending your life, don't end your life in such a sad, miserable way.

If you feel depress or lonely, you have to make yourself happy first. Get a box of chocolate, paint your face in bright colours, turn on a funky, happy song and start singing & dancing all by yourself in your room. When you are all better, call over some friends and just hang out and talk. Or watch a movie together. You'll be surprise at how happy you can be when YOU are happy and BEING happy with the people you love.

Suicide is not the way out. The world is so big with so many possibilities - yes, there are bad things but I believe, there are more good than bad. You're living right now, that's a thing that you should be really thankful about. A week ago, a friend's friend of mine died of leukemia - he was just 18 years old and many of his friends thought he would make it. There are so many children suffering from cancer but they are brave enough to fight it, go bald and still keep that smile on their faces.

If they can fight for their lives when their chances of survival is as thin as a sheet of paper, you should fight ten times as strong when you have everything.

The Do's & Don'ts for being a Rockstar.

Hey Fin here. This is a pretty random post because I was inspired to write this post when I saw this horrible performance on TV *shudders*. So I decided why not make a list. Right?

Here we go :

1. Do learn an instrument. I mean a rockstar who can't play is like bread without butter. I don't know why I said that. But if you're aspiring to be a rocker, take up guitar at least and start a band. And tambourine doesn't count as an instrument.

2.Be cool. Nuff said.

3. Don't be a jacksass. Cool does not mean jerk. Just because you're a famous person, does not mean you have to treat people like scum.

4. Do not ever ever ever air guitar while on stage. It's okay to air guitar if you are a die hard fan but not when you are part of the band! It just makes you look like you're spazzing on stage whilst listening to your bandmate play.

5. Do be stylish. I'm not sure how to explain this. I wish rockstars would wear nice jackets paired with normal cut jeans. But no, they have to wear tank tops and skinnies. *facepalm* And some of them are daring enough to wear feathers *shakes head*

6. The most important Do in the list is, DO BE GREAT LIVE. Seriously, what is lacking in today's performance is the actual ability to perform. Yes you can bring so many props to cover up your suckiness, but you still suck. So please, my dear rockstars, be great in live shows! That's why we are you fan, because we love your music and we want to hear it live!

It's a short list because I don't know what else to write. But this is pretty much the basics of being a good rockstar. The only reason I came up with the list was because I was pissed at a frontman who air guitared to his own song. It looked ridiculous. I am still mad.

Keep on rocking, from dearly devoted Fin.


Yes, I know. Halloween's long over but I came across this picture of Jessica Alba and I couldn't resist to share it here.

Lol. I think the Dora the Explorer costume is so cool. Jessica Alba and her husband Cash Warren dressed as Nick Jr. cartoon characters Dora the Explorer and Diego(the cousin, if you don't know) for Heidi Klum’s Halloween party at Voyeur nightclub in Los Angeles 2 months ago. I think it suits them since they have a kid now. And it's a nice break from all the uhhh, inappropriate costumes such as this(below), don't you think so?

Here's a photo of she and her husband:

Cute socks and shoes. hahaha!

That'd be all for my first post here on Shark in a Bowl. Thanks for reading :D

Swimming off, Pitch

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Amazing Race Asia Season 4

Just the day before yesterday The Amazing Race Asia (TARA) Season 4 came to its official end with Richard Hardin and Richard Herrera from Philippine's being announced as this season's official winners. I must say all the episodes and bulid up to the final were 10 times better than the finale itself which i must say was quite disappointing. Why? Simple first Singaporean duo Michelle and Claire had flight problems a 10 hour time difference from the Richard's and Indonesian father daughter team Hussain and Natasha's flight time. Secondly Hussain didnt even complete one of the tasks which cost their team a four hour penalty so with all this ridiculousness happening in the final episode it was a no brainer from half way through that The Richard's were going back with this seasons tittle. I must say I have been a huge Richard and Richard fan from the start well do the math hot guys = my support but ever since the Malaysian teams got kicked out me and my fellow blog author Lina went all out supporting them for the win and thankfully they didn't dissapoint.

We all know Malaysian teams have always done well in TARA as a matter of fact in all the past three seasons we have had at least a representative in each of the finales and in season 1 local girls Zabrina and Joe Jer even when on to win it that year, the second season we had Pamela and Vanessa Chong that proved to be a tough fight even though they didn't manage to win it and then season 3 we had Bernie and Henry as well as Ida and Tania yet another all female team from Malaysia who went on to the finale of that season. Maybe its just something Malaysian girls drink in their water that make them powerhouse teams in TARA. Yet this season we didn't have any all female teams in the game instead we had Ivan and Hilda (Husband and Wife) and Ethan and Khairie (Best Friends). Maybe the producers of TARA wanted to sabotage Malaysian all girl teams since they have proven to be too good in the past seasons or maybe we just didn't have any hot enough girls auditioning from Malaysia this time around because there were literally a ton of all female teams this time and i know as much fun Lina and me had watching The Richard's I'm sure the males tuning in to this season had more fun.

Anyways enough about the past seasons, this season contestants were push to the extreme with all kinds of challenges that made even viewers at home cringe. From the beginning the Indian girls Sunaina and Dimple had problems with Michelle and Claire and The Richard's also had a small time rift with Ethan and Khairie. On the other hand Ivan consoled Hilda half the race and even though many viewers found her annoying I couldn't help but think Ivan was such a sweet guy and a practically perfect husband and I thought they complemented each other well, and oh let us not forget Jess and Lani self proclaimed party girls from Philippine's who seemed to rub most of the other teams in the wrong way. So this season surely had its fair share of drama and "moments".

So all in all season 4 of TARA proved to be a good season and maybe one could proclaim that the previous season's were better and maybe they might have a point but to me personally I feel TARA on the whole beats the original The Amazing Race at times simply because I feel Asian's are more dramatic at times and provide much better television. Thus I really can't blame the producers for choosing all the pretty boys and gorgeous girls. Well to sum it up we now have one representative team from Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Philippines holding the tittle which means we have one all girl team and three all male team's winning TARA so far. So hopefully Malaysian and all girl teams have better luck next time.

Just a few notes to share:

* Did any of you people find that there was something going on between the hotter Richard and Sunaina? Hmph.

* And lastly if any of me and my blog writers ever join TARA do support us ;)

Below: Richard Hardin (left) and Richard Herrera (right) official winners of The Amazing Race Asia Season 4. I'm also officialy proclaiming that Richard Herrera is super super hot! ( a no brainer statement i know). Preferred him when he had no hair though. lol

Signing out,

Sharanya ;o

Teenage Dream

Hey guys, Fin here. Just wanted to post our new video that we made out of post spm boredom. So check it out okay!

If you have YouTube account, go log in and comment and subscribe!

That's all for now, bye.

Yours truly, Fin.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Presenting Our Blog Authors YAW, FIN, ROLL and PITCH!

Hey this is Yaw,

We have a new blog with four amazing authors of human beings not sharks but our articles will bite like a shark...great white sharks. Here's the authors background so you can have a sneak peek into what our shark bowl offers ;)

I'm Sharanya a.k.a Yaw,
I love television thus stupid shows piss me off but i cant help but watching it ... just an addict. So if you wish for any updates or simple bitching on TV shows that's what i will be offering here at Shark in a Bowl. I will also be giving constant updates on the football scene as well and try my best not to be bias but don't count on it.

There's Lina a.k.a Fin,
She likes to talk about music and MUSE a lot. And she blabs.. A LOT. So prepare for long posts from her but don't run at the sight of it because she says a lot of great things! And you shall learn great things from her young padawan.

Theres Alliya a.k.a Pitch,
She's obsessed with girls, especially pretty girls. Don't worry, she's not a lesbian she just appreciates beauty. She'll be keeping you up with the latest and vogue trends on the runway as well as new makeup looks that she adores! So talk to her she'll talk back and next thing you know BAM you got all the tips you need to reel in a catch.

And last but not least, Qamarina a.k.a QM a.k.a Ribena a.k.a Roll,
Call her whatever you want, but don't call her baby! We prefer to call her Roll like limp bizkit Rollin' song. She'll be talking about stuffs that matter unlike the rest of us. She will touch your emotions with current issues in Sudan. No just kidding about Sudan, maybe she will maybe she won't. You have to read to find out.

So keep tuning in for them posts from the sharks from Shark in a Bowl! :)