Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Amazing Race Asia Season 4

Just the day before yesterday The Amazing Race Asia (TARA) Season 4 came to its official end with Richard Hardin and Richard Herrera from Philippine's being announced as this season's official winners. I must say all the episodes and bulid up to the final were 10 times better than the finale itself which i must say was quite disappointing. Why? Simple first Singaporean duo Michelle and Claire had flight problems a 10 hour time difference from the Richard's and Indonesian father daughter team Hussain and Natasha's flight time. Secondly Hussain didnt even complete one of the tasks which cost their team a four hour penalty so with all this ridiculousness happening in the final episode it was a no brainer from half way through that The Richard's were going back with this seasons tittle. I must say I have been a huge Richard and Richard fan from the start well do the math hot guys = my support but ever since the Malaysian teams got kicked out me and my fellow blog author Lina went all out supporting them for the win and thankfully they didn't dissapoint.

We all know Malaysian teams have always done well in TARA as a matter of fact in all the past three seasons we have had at least a representative in each of the finales and in season 1 local girls Zabrina and Joe Jer even when on to win it that year, the second season we had Pamela and Vanessa Chong that proved to be a tough fight even though they didn't manage to win it and then season 3 we had Bernie and Henry as well as Ida and Tania yet another all female team from Malaysia who went on to the finale of that season. Maybe its just something Malaysian girls drink in their water that make them powerhouse teams in TARA. Yet this season we didn't have any all female teams in the game instead we had Ivan and Hilda (Husband and Wife) and Ethan and Khairie (Best Friends). Maybe the producers of TARA wanted to sabotage Malaysian all girl teams since they have proven to be too good in the past seasons or maybe we just didn't have any hot enough girls auditioning from Malaysia this time around because there were literally a ton of all female teams this time and i know as much fun Lina and me had watching The Richard's I'm sure the males tuning in to this season had more fun.

Anyways enough about the past seasons, this season contestants were push to the extreme with all kinds of challenges that made even viewers at home cringe. From the beginning the Indian girls Sunaina and Dimple had problems with Michelle and Claire and The Richard's also had a small time rift with Ethan and Khairie. On the other hand Ivan consoled Hilda half the race and even though many viewers found her annoying I couldn't help but think Ivan was such a sweet guy and a practically perfect husband and I thought they complemented each other well, and oh let us not forget Jess and Lani self proclaimed party girls from Philippine's who seemed to rub most of the other teams in the wrong way. So this season surely had its fair share of drama and "moments".

So all in all season 4 of TARA proved to be a good season and maybe one could proclaim that the previous season's were better and maybe they might have a point but to me personally I feel TARA on the whole beats the original The Amazing Race at times simply because I feel Asian's are more dramatic at times and provide much better television. Thus I really can't blame the producers for choosing all the pretty boys and gorgeous girls. Well to sum it up we now have one representative team from Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Philippines holding the tittle which means we have one all girl team and three all male team's winning TARA so far. So hopefully Malaysian and all girl teams have better luck next time.

Just a few notes to share:

* Did any of you people find that there was something going on between the hotter Richard and Sunaina? Hmph.

* And lastly if any of me and my blog writers ever join TARA do support us ;)

Below: Richard Hardin (left) and Richard Herrera (right) official winners of The Amazing Race Asia Season 4. I'm also officialy proclaiming that Richard Herrera is super super hot! ( a no brainer statement i know). Preferred him when he had no hair though. lol

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Sharanya ;o

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