Friday, December 17, 2010

I shall RANT

I'm trying to think of a topic to post today. Since I whine a lot, why not whine here? After all, blog is the place to post your thoughts and feelings, so I shall rant.

One of the many things that bugs me, is the radio here. Radio such as Hitz, Fly and yes I am name dropping >:[ What do all of these radio stations have in common? Sucky music. I know sucky isn't a word but it describes the situation perfectly.

I have a lot of of problems with these stations. First and foremost is the selection of songs, which is about the size of a pea. You would not believe how much songs are being overplayed! They even sound the same. All auto-tuned, repetitive beats. To most it is catchy, and I must confess, I got hooked to some of them. But please, adding some spice to the mixture wouldn't be so bad. And you would not believe how many stations plays the same song AT THE SAME TIME. Wow what a way to be unique heh?

Second, would be the DJs, I hate the DJs. I don't get the people they hire. Radio is suppose to be soothing to the ears. Not some DJ screaming at you ears with unfunny jokes and gimmicks. Have I mention the voice and slangs they use. Speak properly! Don't try to have a cool american accent or use the hippest word that only you understand. Especially this DJ named Rudy, when he was in Mix, he practically slurred the words together. It's like his mouth is numb. It's not that I hate him as a person (do I?) It's just, he annoys me when he talks.

Last but not least, the ads. * Groans* Not only do I have to suffer with those songs and DJs then I'm subjected to heaps of adverts. Adverts which has annoying voices too.

Well kids, whats the lesson that I've learnt?

Bring your iPod or burn a mix CD. Just switch off the radio.

Till I write again, Fin.

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