Monday, December 27, 2010

Where Do Dreams Go?

Dreams. Fantasy. Fiction. Fairytale.
People admit it loudly that they're grown ups now,
no longer little kids.
But the truth is, we all start to live in our wonderland
the moment we lie in bed to sleep.

Roll here. I just watched Narnia(finally) and honestly, I like Narnia more than Harry Potter. I read all the books from both and watched all the movies, but I guess different people have different way of liking things. Sometimes I hate watching Narnia, because at the end of it, I get kinda depressed because my world isn't like that.

Crazy, huh? But it's true. I guess we all get caught up with what we want at times. I wonder how C.S. Lewis felt when he wrote the books.

Won't it be so cool if all your dreams, the wonderland that you built in your mind would become a reality? Some of you dream of studying at Hogwarts, what if that came true and you get to meet Harry Potter - not Daniel Radcliffe...the REAL Harry Potter. Wonder how your life will be. Some people actually got admitted and needed therapy sessions after watching Avatar because they got so depressed that their worlds are not like in the movie. Guess I could fit in with them :|

I'm not sure if anyone of you thought of this before - but I'm pretty sure it passed through your mind once in a while. Have you ever wondered if there's another world living out there? Like a different dimension. Similar to us but maybe, slightly different. Maybe those people in that dimension have magic, maybe they're super short, maybe they have 3 eyes...maybe they have a talking lion!

I spent countless time thinking of that, going beyond what science would label my thoughts and dreams as "nonsense". Reality is nice because I'm alive and breathing. But currently, the world that I'm living in is limited to what I see to only. If I was living in Africa, I don't think reality would be nice for me and I certainly won't have the opportunity to blog about this. Since the world is so big and I can't cover every single angle of it, I tend to wonder off in my head, building my dreamland, as though I'm actually living in it.

Of course I pray and hope that whatever I made up in my head and dreams would come true never does and that's a fact that I have to accept. That we all have to accept.

But that shouldn't stop us from dreaming.


  1. true.
    well nice title''shark in a bowl''
    sounds like idiom''storm in the cup of tea.

  2. Thanks :)
    Hahaha, I think so too!