Sunday, January 23, 2011


Hello Bowl people,

It's Fin, and oh dear sorry for being absent. I haven't even updated my own blog nearly a month!
So enough of my sad excuse, whats TCV? It's THE CLICK FIVE's new album! * fan girl scream*

If you think I'm doing a review, uhh sorry to disappoint. I've been uber busy that I've lack music in life. Sad case. I have heard their newest single, "The way it goes" and I must say it is a new sound. And I know most people prefer Eric Dill as lead, but boo hoo he left. Anyways the new album is a far cry from their first. When Click Five first came out, they were known as the new pop boyband. Dressed in suits and armed with clean cut good looks. Come second album, they have a new front man, still in suits but the suit didn't last long. Now hail the third album, their suits are gone. You probably wouldn't recognise them if it weren't for Kyle there.

Maybe the album cover is a symbol of them changing the image and changing their sound. I can say for sure that they have a more alternative sound compared to mainstream. Could it be good or bad? I'm sure true fans will enjoy it no doubt. It kind of reminds me the switch that Panic! at the Disco made when the change their sound from their first album to their second. I prefer their first album though. But the changes in Click Five's sound isn't as a dramatic as the example given.

If you are a fan, go ahead and buy it. If it's not good. You can ogle at their pictures hehehe :D

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