Saturday, January 22, 2011

American Idol Season 10

Hey sharkies,
So American Idol season 10 started last Thursday with a brand new look and brand new judges (except Randy Jackson). Most people were getting ready for a train wreck of this seasons Idol because theres no more Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul or those other 2 (Ellen and Kara) which I never quite considered them as judges for many reasons. I have to admit I was one of those people but after the first episode I think I'm an Idol fan still. The fact remains that most of this show did revolve around Simon Cowell and his comments before this but I dont think his absence has taken a lot out of Idol at least not as much as what most expected.

The new judges Steven Tyler (frontman of Aerosmith) and Jennifer Lopez are certainly no Simon Cowell but they have so much personalities of their own I dont actually think there even needs to be someone like Cowell. Steven Tyler is funny and very weird at times but its kinda amusing at times but the fact that he flirts with almost all the girls that walked through is a bit weird like you know a 62 year old doesnt hit on a 16 year old no matter what but I guess if you're a rockstar it happens anyways because the girls being hit on actually dont mind it so who am I to care. Also I totally loved it when he did beats and stuff for when there was this guy singing.

Anyways Jennifer Lopez need I say more she is so stunningly beautiful its really a distraction at times and she's surely the best dressed judge so far. She is also someone that wears he heart on her sleeves so we can see it. I totally want like both her outfits she wore to the judges table the first two episodes. Oh yeah and Randy has improved no more screaming "dawg" and he has actually added new words to his vocab so thats pretty refreshing. Though while Jennifer Lopez is best dressed Judge ... ermm Randy is not quite though he wore a Britney Spears inspired outfit like all schoolgirl decked out but he's not the worst yet that still belongs to Simon.

So from what I've seen Season 10 sure has a whole lot to offer in the sense of judges and new improvements but we all do know that this show will lie on the talent it can reap. So after last years dissapointing talents we know that even Simon Cowell couldnt make it better. Thus I hope what I saw in the judges so far stays the same and I think these three compliment each other well like no one person shines too much or anything so they work well for me and if they stay the same it should be a knock out of the park. As for talent there's a few I like so far but theres a few annoying ones I found that got through too hope they dont stay long.

Well we'll just have to pray that theres an Carrie Underwood, Adam Lambert, Jordin Sparks, Chris Daughtry, Kris Allen, David Archuleta, Blake Lewis and Kelly Clarkson this time around to make sure Idol carries on strong.

* Tune in to American Idol Season 10 guys its not yet time to give up on Idol. :)

Signing out,
Sharanya a.k.a Yaw

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